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Brainworks Endangered Planet Series - Choking Planet
By Brainworks Creative Learning, Popular Prakashan About The Book
Price: 120.0
Format: Book
You, dear Parents, are your child.s most important teachers.

What an awesome responsibility! During those crucial years a positive learning environment is vital. You teach your child to walk talk to ride a bicycle and play games, but are you building a positive learning environment? The Mom, Dad & I series will teach you the secrets of spontaneous learning from the experts in children education. So that learning becomes a habit. Learning to learn can be a great fun, as you explore and enrich your child.s world.

Build a positive learning climate during the early years.
Step out everyday: Even if it is for a short walk, go out with your child and talk about what you can see, touch, smell and hear. As he/she gets ready ask them to match the colours of their clothes. .Let.s wear yellow today.. .Can you find your shirt with the yellow duck?.

Visit Playgrounds regularly: Slides, seesaws, and merry go-rounds are great for physical development.

Discuss the events of the day with your child: .First we eat breakfast. Then we go to school, then we will go to park.. This helps your child understand the seool.

The Reading Readiness book focuses on letter recognition, association of letter sounds with letter names and related vocabulary. Upon completion of the Reading Readiness book your child will have used twenty six common letter sounds.

The Reading Readiness Activity book has been created to help your child develop control of the small muscles of the hands
(fine motor skills) and improve hand/eye co-ordination, which in turn allow him or her to make the precise movements, which are necessary for forming letters.

Pre-Maths concepts if taught correctly are easy to grasp. The Number Readiness book focuses on numeral recognition, one-to-one correspondence shape recognition.

With the help of experts of the childĀ“s education give your child the advantage of an early start!
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